The Credability Process is as Simple as A-B-C

First step is to take action. Either fill out our simple contact form and a representative will contact you or just call us directly. 

A representative will work with you to pull a three bureau credit report.  They will explain the process, learn about you and what your goals are. 

This stage is an integral part of the process. In order to develop a plan of action, we need to share an end goal. That is the only way to achieve proper results. 

Once the initial profile phase is complete, your credit report will be submitted for review. 

Once your representative receives the results of the review he will set up a consultation phone call with you. The review will be based on the items on the credit report, your goals and a plan of action.

The Credability Team will begin the process of disputing, removing errors, and working to get your report accurate while raising your scores.

Once your representative feels the process has moved along enough, they will begin to work with you to obtain new credit. New credit and proper maintenance of that credit is an additional way for your credit scores to rise.

Whether your goal is to buy a home, start a business or buy a car we focus on that and provide you with the proper credit and expertise to not only reach your goal but surpass it. 

               “Always Building Credit”

*Our mission is to complete the restoration process as quickly as possible. But, instances may occur where it make take multiple communications with the agencies or the creditor to get the action we require. Getting the desired results can sometimes be difficult and require an escalation in the process. The credit agencies make more money off you having bad credit and are really not in the business to help you repair your report. This may delay the process, but don’t worry! Our superior communication system will keep you updated through out the whole process. Creadability is the hardest working and most efficient credit restoration services available.

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Wow, I'm impressed! The Credability staff was great and kept me informed during each step. My score went from a 525 to a 680 in 60 days.
I wanted to buy a home for me and my family but my credit score was terrible. The team over at credability knew exactly what it would take. I now have a beautiful house and they even got me some extra credit to get the things I needed.
Edgar P.
New Home Owner